Improved Clinical Outcomes – Bone Grafting Materials

2021 Dates Coming Soon!

Improve Your Clinical Outcomes by Improving Your Knowledge of Bone Grafting Materials and Techniques

This 2-day course is designed to improve your surgical predictability and outcomes. Clinicians are faced with multiple choices when selecting materials for use with bone grafting. The medical, dental and drug histories of the patient create additional complexities when making clinical decisions. Using the same materials for all patients may lead to some success, but will ultimately lead to frequently disappointing outcomes for others. Bone grafting is a complex physiological and pharmacological regenerative process. The more we know and understand this process, the better decisions we can make to achieve predictable results.

The first two days of the program will teach algorithms to improve critical thinking skills regarding bone grafting materials, techniques and methodology. The course includes an Optional Day 3, which is directed toward teaching the process of utilizing PRP and PRF blood concentrates alongside bone grafting materials to further improve clinical outcomes.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have developed:

  • Critical thinking skills necessary for performing predictable bone grafting procedures
  • Understanding of which bone grafting materials to use, considering medical, dental, and drug histories
  • Understanding of which membrane, barrier and suture materials to use
  • Understanding of which instrumentation and techniques to use
  • Tactile, hands-on experience with various grafting materials
  • Knowledge on bone grafting enhancements, including stem cells and recombinant and autogenous growth factors
  • Knowledge on platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF)
  • Optional Day 3 – Hands-on skills for drawing blood and creating blood concentrates

Course includes hands-on workshops with various bone grafting materials used in the following areas. Optional Day 3 includes hands-on phlebotomy and blood concentrate processing.

Instructors: James L. Rutkowski, DMD, PhD, James Fennell, DDS

Tuition: $1,995/attendee for 2 day course (Friday and Saturday)*

Credit Hours: 16.0 AGD PACE*

Additional $695/attendee to attend optional day 3 (Sunday). Includes additional 4.0 AGD PACE.

2021 Dates Coming Soon!