Pharmacology and Oral Medicine

Algorithms for the Dental Treatment of Medically Complex Patients

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Pharmacology and Oral Medicine are so important to the practice of dentistry today and even more important to the practice of implant dentistry. Dr. Rutkowski is the master of thorough and up to date information that you can use immediately in your daily practice. His evidence based lectures are easy to follow and are a must for any practicing implant dentist.”

Neil E Torgerson, DMD , GP, Tallahassee, FL

Oral Medicine and Pharmacology are topics of real importance to the practice of dentistry, but many dentists overlook them because they find the topics boring, tedious, or confusing. Dr. Rutkowski makes these topics real because of his engaging personality, his fervor for the subject, and his humor. In his unique way, he relates these important items to what really happens daily in the dental office.

Daniel P Camm, DDS, GP, Brunswick, OH - Diplomate of the ABOI

Over the past 21 years of performing implant dentistry, Dr. Rutkowski’s programs have been an invaluable resource for me.  The notes from his courses are the first place I turn to in order to manage many issues, such as simple pharmacology all the way to complex medically compromised patients.  I’ve had the honor of participating in a number of his courses, including Medicine / Pharmacology and PRP / PRF.  Dr. Rutkowski has an incredible way of making complex topics simple to understand and remember.  His courses should be at the top of every dentist’s “must take” programs in order to take their skill set to the next level.

Ira Goldberg, DDS, FAGD, DICOI, GP, Succasunna, NJ - Diplomate of the ABOI

I have heard Jim 3 times and each time is better than the previous . Enthusiastic, witty, and very comprehensive. Makes listening to pharmacology actually entertaining. This information is up to date and critical for today’s Dentistry. Approachable and always available for follow up support. Great must take course. Tells it like it is!!

Michael F Grasso, DDS, GP, St Louis, MO
Oral Medicine and Pharmacology are topics of importance to the dental practice.  However, the topics are often overlooked.  Dr. Rutkowski makes these topics real, by relating the important items to what really happens daily in the dental office.  The useful and practical information given in this course will be a practice changer for most.
Shane Samy, DMD, GP, Eugene, OR

Participants will leave this course with concise and practical dental treatment algorithms for the care of medically compromised patients. Medical disease states reviewed will include: cardiovascular, endocrine (diabetes type I and II), renal, hepatic, eating disorders, peri- and post-menopausal states, and burning tongue. Management of oral surgery patients that utilize C-PAP and Bi-Pap machines for sleep disorders, and managing oral complications from cancer treatments will be reviewed. Identification of systemic disease oral signs will be discussed.

Additionally, pharmacological concerns will be addressed for patients taking medications that can affect oral health. Medications to be discussed include: anti-coagulants, anti-platelet agents, monoclonal antibodies, bisphosphonates, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Disease-Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDS), selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), chemotherapeutic agents, herbal supplements, and glucocorticosteroids.

Participants will leave this high-energy course with concise and practical dental treatment algorithms for the care of medically compromised patients.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will:

• Understand treatment strategies for dental patients presenting with medical histories that include sleep disorders, endocrine, cardiovascular, renal and hepatic disease states
• Identify commonly prescribed medications that can affect dental treatment
• Understand surgical and prosthetic treatment protocols for patients taking these medications to improve outcomes
• Understand how dentists can use pharmacology to improve treatment outcomes

Next Course Date: To Be Determined

To Be Determined

James L Rutkowski, DMD, PhD


8.0 hours AGD PACE CE

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