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Predictable Healing Using PRF/PRP

The Complete PRF / PRP/ Phlebotomy Training Course for Doctor and Staff

2019 Course Dates Coming Soon!

How, When, and Where to Use Blood Concentrates – For Enhanced Healing, Fewer Complications, Fewer Compromised Cases, and Increased Patient Satisfaction

Hands-On Training for the Entire Staff – Including Phlebotomy Techniques, Blood Concentrate Processing, Injectable PRF, and Mixing With Bone Grafting Materials

At the end of the course, participants will be able to sort through the jungle of commercially driven information to make an informed, unbiased decision on when and how to use each of the blood concentrate materials at various surgical sites.

Participants will:

• Understand the benefits and shortcomings of the various commercially available systems.
• Learn an inexpensive, scientifically proven method to enhance patients’ hard and soft tissue healing through the use of a simple centrifuge
• Experience extensive hands-on practice performing phlebotomy techniques
• Learn how dental assistants can make this easy for the doctor.
• Understand how to improve sub-epithelial connective tissue graft success.
• Learn how to decrease post-operative complications with pharmacological strategies.
• Learn how to increase revenue through patient satisfaction and referrals.

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